February 13, 2012



My buddy, Nanette, over at Say It Don't Spray It has started a fun little challenge for all of us Pinterest addicts.  She's challenging us to complete one Pinterest inspired project a week!  Game on!  I've got tons of great ideas floating around on my boards and it's time to stop daydreaming about them all!

I actually completed 2 pins this past week,  both being Valentine's Day related for the kidlet to take to preschool.

For her first party on Friday, we did these adorable Swedish Fish Bowls.  It's very straight forward, and I only have an Instagram picture to share:

And for the big day tomorrow, we did the Valentine Lollipop Photo Card.  The hardest part was obviously getting the kidlet to cooperate and pose as instructed.  I had them printed out at our local drugstore for under $2.  So cute and she is really excited to hand these out to her classmates tomorrow!

Are you ready to get Pinteractive?  If so, link up your posts here!  And also, follow me on Pinterest!

Talk about falling off the wagon...

The blog wagon, that is.  I have really fallen behind on updating and sorts.

I'm officially down 12lbs since January 12th.  I'm pretty happy with that!  It's a great start to a lifestyle change that's all for the better.

I'm still continuing to follow Weight Watchers and exercise for 45 minutes Monday-Friday on my lunch break.  Who knew these two things would provide the results I have been longing for!?  I feel so much better and have more energy.  I feel like I'm a more present parent and that I'm not nearly as stressed out as I previously was.


We had a great weekend.  We got the kidlet signed up for softball and practice starts next weekend.  She is excited to say the least.

We also spontaneously made a trip down to the House of the Mouse yesterday.  That's always guaranteed good fun...and yummy treats!

Birthday Party planning is in full effect for the kidlet's upcoming big day.  Still finding it hard to swallow that by my baby girl is going to be a 4 year old!