January 6, 2012

I took the plunge...

This morning I signed up with Weight Watchers.  I've have success on this plan before several years back, and I'm really comfortable with the plan.  Counting calories, etc. is too hard for me to keep up with.  I love that this program still allows for me to eat out at restaurants and it's easy to stay on track since I tend to browse the menu selections prior to going so that I go in knowing what I'm going to have.

This now leads me to fitness.  I'm having a really hard time coming to terms with the fact that I will have to make up with The Gym.  I used to love The Gym, but I get bored and lazy after a while.  I plan to spice up a 5-day-a-week routine that will keep me interested and hopefully provide me with the results I'm after.  I'm always up for new songs to add to my ever-growing playlists.

I got interested in Spinning last year, and I'd like to pick up that habit again.  I loved that hour of pure insanity and it helped me drop some major poundage.  Zumba and the elliptical machine should get me going as well.

I have several friends who are also embarking on their own journeys, and we're all checking in with one and other and keeping each other accountable.  A great support system is a must!

I hate to be on the "New Year" bandwagon, but this time of year makes it so much easier to find and get motivated since it's everywhere you look.  TV, billboards, radio, etc.  Now, it's time to tackle my other goal of Photography education.

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